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What Is a placebo

A placebo is a procedure or substance with no inherent medicinal value. Placebos are often used in statistical experiments, especially those involving pharmaceutical testing, in order to control the experiment as much as possible. We will examine the structure of experiments and see the reasons for using a placebo. Experiments Experiments typically involve two different groups: an experimental group and a control group. The members of the control group do not receive the experimental treatment and the experimental group does. In this way, we are able to compare the responses of members in both groups. Any differences that we observe in the two groups may be due to the experimental treatment. But how can we be sure? How do we really know if an observed difference in a response variable is the result of an experimental treatment? These questions address the presence of lurking variables. These kinds of variables influence the response variable but are often hidden. When dealing with experiments involving human subjects we should always be on the lookout for lurking variables. A careful design of our experiment will limit the effects of lurking variables. Placebos are one way to do this. Use of Placebos Humans can be difficult to work with as subjects for an experiment. The knowledge that one is a subject of an experiment and a member of a control group can affect certain responses. The act of receiving a medication from a doctor or nurse has a powerful psychological effect on some individuals. When someone thinks they are being given something that will produce a certain response, sometimes they will exhibit this response. Because of this, sometimes doctors will prescribe placeboes with therapeutic intent, and they can be effective treatments for some issues.   To mitigate any psychological effects of the subjects, a placebo can be given to the members of the control group. In this way, every subject of the experiment, in both the control and experimental groups, will have a similar experience of receiving what they think is medication from a health professional. This also has the added benefit of not revealing to the subject if he or she is in the experimental or control group. Types of Placebos A placebo is designed to be as close to the means of administration of the experimental treatment as possible. Thus placebos can take on a variety of forms. In the testing of a new pharmaceutical drug, a placebo might be a capsule with an inert substance. This substance would be chosen to have no medicinal value and is sometimes referred to as a sugar pill. It is important that the placebo mimic the experimental treatment as closely as possible. This controls the experiment by providing a common experience for everyone, no matter which group they are in. If a surgical procedure is the treatment for the experimental group, then a placebo for the members of the control group could take the form of a faked surgery. The subject would go through all of the preparation and believe that he or she was operated on, without the surgical procedure actually being performed.

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Architecture of a Network Layout - 844 Words

1. A description of the fundamental configuration of the network Architecture. The architecture of a network layout shows a detailed view of resources and a across-the-board framework of all the resources accessible to the organization. The networks physical layout is influenced with security in mind. Things to be considered are, where the servers are to be placed, firewalls and other hardware components. This includes the types of devices, printers, routers and other peripherals, including table decisions and other hardware component parts useful communication. The access method topology you use determines how and where the physical wireless connections need to be placed as well as what protocols and software rules will be used to regulate the network architecture. Network architecture in most scenarios is developed and organized by a network administrator. A larger network would require coordination with network design engineer. A network architect needs many areas of experience to determine will the network be wired or wireless. Other areas to consider are, will the network be classified as a LAN, MAN or WAN. The best topology needs to be decided based on the equipment layout, such as star, loop, bus, mesh, etc; .The network architect needs to put direct rules for security, recognize and prevent potential problems, and document everything done. The first and most important item to be addressed is to set goals to work within a given budget while designing the mostShow MoreRelatedCis 462 Wk 10 Term Paper Disaster Recovery Plan1056 Words   |  5 Pagesoverview of the organization that will be delivered to senior management, defining the business goals and objectives and the size, layout, and structure of the organization. b. Include a diagram of the organization’s network architecture and the proposed network architecture of an alternate computing facility in the event of a disaster (or the actual network architecture of the alternate computing facility if one already exists) through the use of graphical tools in Microsoft Word or Visio, or anRead MoreEssay Network Topologies1003 Words   |  5 PagesNetwork Topologies Network topologies are an important part of the network. Without the proper topology, the network may not meet the needs of the organization. The layout of a network is referred to as the topology. How nodes in a network are connected to each other and communicate is determined by the topology. There are three basic topologies with several typical variations, or combinations. A description of four topologies follows. Mesh Topology Mesh topology is the first topology discussedRead MoreThe Vulnerability Of Network Infrastructure Vulnerabilities1436 Words   |  6 Pages Security services are an integral part of any network design. Assessing the vulnerability of network infrastructure to disruptive events is recognized as an important component of network planning and analysis. This section provides an overview of common network infrastructure vulnerabilities, essential network security concepts analysis and present. It illustrates the possible placement of servers including access paths to the Internet, intrusion detection systems (IDS), and firewalls. This paperRead MoreA Parallel Processing System1473 Words   |  6 Pagesprocessor has local memory and communicates with other processors through direct or indirect communication channels by sending messages. Architectures of the first kind, also known as multiprocessors, are not scalable because memory access time includes the latency of the interconnection network and this latency increases with system size. Distributed-memory architectures, also known as multicomputer, on the other hand have ex hibited more scalability and attracted more research and development during theRead MoreCase-Study (Payroll Program)703 Words   |  3 Pageshaving the right application architecture is important where the design is concerned, because the company has one large data center that each office connects to via a wide area network (WAN). Hence the appropriate architecture for this situation would have to consist of a WAN diagram to be used in management of this project, along with system documentation, and information technology architecture documents to provide a visual representation of the network. Wide area networks (WANs) cover a large, physicalRead MoreArchitecture Based On Functionalist Concepts934 Words   |  4 Pagesthat architecture based on functionalist concepts can be creative, sensitive, but still efficient, economically viable and standardized is the Sarah Network headed by architect Filgueiras Lima, also known as Lelà ©. The Sarah Network is a group of rehabilitation ho spitals, conceived in the late 1959. The first rehabilitation center was built in the following year, in the new capital of the country, Brasà ­lia, during the government of Juscelino Kubscheck. In 1992 was created the CTRS - Network TechnologyRead MoreDesigning Of Plan Layout And Architecture Of House1253 Words   |  6 PagesCHAPTER:1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Brief Introduction: Now-a-days as development of buildings is increasing and there is demand of designing of plan-layout and architecture of house. Now sometimes after the design is ready and house is build the client is not satisfied with the work as there is miss interaction between designing and understanding of plan layout. Even contractors get confuse while investing in big society just by looking at planning; like if the outcome of construction does not go as goodRead MoreDifferent Types Of Application Architectures Essay1719 Words   |  7 Pagestypes of application architectures? The application architecture is the way functions of the application layer get spread among the clients and servers in the network. There are five major application architectures used nowadays. The host-based architectures allow the server to perform all of the work virtually. The client based architectures allow the client computers to perform most of the work. The most dominant application architecture called the client server architectures, share the work betweenRead MoreNetwork Design1165 Words   |  5 PagesRunning head:PROJECT #3 Unit #3 Individual Project - Network Design For Champions, Inc. Travis Lee Thompson ITCO103-1201A-05 American International University Table Of Contents Network Architecture/Model ........................................................................................ Page 3 Star Network Topology (before the donation) .............................................................. Page 5 Star Network Topology (after the donation) ..............................Read MoreWhy Do Communication Protocols Matter?1180 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction There are many protocols that should be taken into account for nodes to communicate effectively over a network. There are several different protocols that should be considered such as how packets are transmitted, how the destination of the packet is identified, and are there any security issues. Why do communication protocols matter? For data to be transmitted from one place to another effectively communication protocols must be adhered to. These are basically sets of rules that ensure

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Ufc Business Strategy Free Essays

General Environment The fastest growing sports organization in the world, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), started in 1993 as a professional mix martial arts (MMA) organization. Once the UFC brand was launched, MMA popularity surged in Brazil, followed by immense interest in Japan where these bouts became major events. The most recent fight in April, UFC sold 55,000 tickets in minutes, became the largest paid audience in North American to witness a mix martial arts event. We will write a custom essay sample on Ufc Business Strategy or any similar topic only for you Order Now They delivered top rating in male 18-34 and 18-49 demographics. Globally, UFC programming is broadcast in over 149 countries and territories, reaching a half a billion homes worldwide, in 20 different languages. Response to the UFC brand of MMA has been tremendous, resulting in a growing fan base that has grown exponentially through the years. So, UFC is very popular to the whole world. Porter’s Five Forces: Threat of New Entrants Threat of new entrants is low because everyone in the world is watching UFC. UFC is the only mixed martial arts industry in the world, but it is part of fighting sports industry. Power of Suppliers I would say that power of suppliers is high because the whole world is selling UFC’s stuffs. Suppliers are selling UFC apparels, shorts, DVDs, equipments and gears. Some of the suppliers including Affliction are selling UFC’s apparel. Others (Clear Vision) are selling DVD such as work-out or copies of UFC fights. UFC spends a lot on advertisement because they’re one of the most recognizable by the whole world. The Ultimate Fighting Championship has partnered with Fox  for a seven-year broadcast deal through the  Fox Sports  subsidiary, effectively ending the UFC’s  Spike TV  and Versus (now  NBC Sports Network) partnership. I believe fighters are one of the suppliers because they are paid per fight, with amounts depending on how well-known the fighters are and how well sponsored a fighter and an event is. Fighters will typically get paid money to fight with an additional bonus if they win. Power of Buyers Buyers’ power is really high because UFC is very popular to the world. The UFC brand completely restructured MMA into a highly organized and controlled compact sports. Now, UFC produces over twelve live Pay-Per-View events annually that are distributed residentially through North American cable and satellite providers including iNDEMAND Networks, DIRECTv, DISH Network, TVN Entertainment, Shaw Pay-Per-View, BellTv, Viewers Choice, SaskTel Max and via the Internet worldwide on UFC. com and Yahoo! , commercially through Joe Hand Promotions. It is very expensive because you have to order Pay-Per-View or DIRECTv to watch UFC. Substitute I don’t believe there is a substitute because UFC is wrestling, martial art mixed. UFC is a very unique sport, but it is part of fighting sports. So, I believe substitute is very low. There are wrestling, boxing, martial arts mixed, and other fighting sports. Competitor Analysis: Boxing Boxing is a  martial art  and  combat sport  in which two people engage in a contest of strength, reflexes, and endurance by throwing  punches  at an opponent with  gloved hands. They can get two most popular, best and recognizable boxers to fight each other. They have so many passionate fans. They’ve partnered with HBO and SHOWTIME. They are focused on the best fighters from all over the world and give the best show for the world. Internal Industry: Strength UFC is one of the most popular sports, not in just United States, but in the whole world. They have surpassed the boxing on fans’ popularity. They are really high on suppliers’ and buyers’ power. They have sold out their tickets within minutes, not hours or days. Weakness It is not for younger kids to watch UFC because it is a bad image and bad influence for them. You don’t want to have bullies at schools. UFC are worrying about what the fighters say or do because Advocacy groups have criticized the fighters’ comments as sexist and homophobic. The incidents cited by National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence include an undated video linked on unfitforchildren. org, in which UFC fighter Quinton â€Å"Rampage† Jackson  urges a Japanese-speaking fan to say nasty words. Also, people are complained about their advertisement because they showed a half nude woman in one of their commercial with Bud Light Lime. Recommendation How to cite Ufc Business Strategy, Essay examples

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Lectures Notes about the Reflective Report of L Oreal Company

Question: Describe about the Reflective Report of L Oreal Company? Answer: Introduction This reflective report is of LOreal Company. The aim of this research is to analyze the mission and objective of LOreal. This reflective report also consist of the finding which LOreal enact by leadership, organizational culture and different other strategies. I have explained briefly about LOreal history, sector of their work, structure which they are using for working and their history. For explaining about LOreal I have used information from LOreal annual report, companys website, and online brochures. The reflective report of LOreal consist of the analysis of their sustainability in relation to environment, society and the economics of company as well as nation. About the company The LOreal group is famous worldwide for their cosmetic and beauty products. The main focus sectors of LOreal are hair color and care, skin care, sun protection, make up, perfumes. The research and principle of the company is on beauty care of different age group for male and female both (, 2015). LOreal has its research and development centres six worldwide which perform the research, innovation and development of different products. Approximately 28 international brands are attached with LOreal group. LOreal products are distributes in 130 countries worldwide. LOreal group is having their research and development section which is responsible for doing research regarding their products. LOreal have products available in market for every age group customers. The products of LOreal group are ethical and are made without harming environment. LOreal is a having a portfolio of international brands which are unique and famous worldwide. The brands which come under LOreal group are:- The Body Shop Essie Garnier Matrix Kerastase Mizani LOreal Paris Maybelline New York LOreal Professional Lancme Paris Biotherm Kiehls Giorgio Armani Redken Ralph Lauren Diesel and etc. Figure1: Target Group OF LOreal LOreal target group for their products are consumers products, professional products, luxury products. The targeted sectors or people for every group are different. Under consumer products come teenagers and women, professional products consumers are hair salons or the hair specialist shops (Charlier, Dejean Donnay, 2001). LOreal before developing any product do research and analyze the market requirement. LOreal develops their every product considering everyone. LOreal group before making changes in their old product do market research and then according to the market and there consumers requirement make changes. The mission of LOreal is as:- Mission- LOreal mission explanation as LOreal defines beauty as universal i.e. the researcher of LOreal consider everyone while creating any group (Costello, 2011). The products in development section of LOreal are created taking in consideration all the people of different age group and different professions. LOreal consider beauty as a language offered by the company to all women and men worldwide for the best products which they love using (Edwards, 2005). Beauty is explained as a science by LOreal which helps there product consumers to maintain their skin, hair (Egbeleke, 2014). By developing products as per the market and consumers requirement LOreal try to make innovation or changes in its product. The changes or any new product is created by the development team of the group taking into consideration the changes in consumers demand (Flouris Kucuk Yilmaz, 2011). LOreal also explains beauty as a commitment on the basic of diversity, richness and the complementarities of their brand portfolio (Fowler, 2014). Commitment means that the LOreal group is giving the best quality product to their consumers so that the always get positive result after using. The commitment of delivering best product to their consumer is more important rather than increasing their profit share. Findings and sustainability model of company The main policy on which LOreal group work is to provide their consumers best quality products without harming the nature and environment (Hast, 2007). The organizational culture is also responsible for sustainability development of LOreal. The products delivered by the company are worldwide, so the objective of developing any product should be done by taking into consideration the market and customers requirement (Yigitcanlar Dur, 2010). The sustainability of LOreal means the ability of the company required for achieving their present needs without sacrificing their future needs (Hayhow, 2011). The ability of LOreal Group for achieving their present needs which they decided without ignoring their future needs. Different sustainability model used by LOreal are:- 3-legged stool model 3-overlapping circle model 3-nested dependencies model 3 legged stool model- Stool has three legs and all three legs explain different factors which are important for a company to operate properly. This model explains the three main factors of the company i.e. Economic- The first leg of the model is used by LOreal to explain the economic condition of the nation in which company is situated. By the help of economy we explains the condition of jobs i.e. good or bad, fair wages to be given by company to their employees, security, infrastructure and the policy related to fair trade (Jacques Kepos, 2010).Operation of LOreal affect economy of the nation in positive and negative manner. If company is having profit then the nation economy will be positively affected but if company faces loss economy of nation will be negatively affected. Environmental- The company should operate without affecting the environment. LOreal group has to work according to the law of governments regarding environment and their operation. Environment factor is used to define the pollution done by the company while operation, waste, renewable energy and the conservation energy used by LOreal for production (Keitumetse, 2013). LOreal should always try to work as per the rules and regulation. The environment should never be disturbed or harmed by their production cycle. Social Social factor is defined by the third leg of the stool which explains working condition of the company, health services provided by company to their employees, education service or training service provided by company (Klein, 2010). The culture, community and the social factor of the company is also explained in this factor. Social factor consist of the society in which LOreal is working ie the surrounding people and the workforce. Figure 2: 3 legged sustainability model of LOreal 3 overlapping circle model- The overlapping circle model of LOreal is used to explain the sustainability of the company with intersection of economy, society and environment. Depending on company profit share among all these 3 factors the model is resized (Yigitcanlar Dur, 2010). Among economy, society and environment whose involvement in profit of the company is more will be shown with large circle. Companys economy exists independently and it is never mixed by society and environment of the company. But the needs of company can only be attained or fulfilled by considering all three factors together so that the future needs are not affected. This model of sustainability is used by LOreal to identify the level of sustainability in comparison of economy, society and environment. Figure 3: 3 Overlapping Circle Model of LOreal 3 Nested Dependencies Model- This model of sustainability is used to show the dependency of economy, society and environment on each other and on company. The society which LOreal discusses in this model is surrounding, people and the employees of the company (Willard, 2009). Society is depending on environment for goods and the services provided by them and likewise economy is related to society. Economy of the company is completely dependent on their society i.e. the employees and consumers. Figure4: 3 Nested Dependencies Model OF LOreal Company uses different model of sustainability to know there dependencies and relation among environment, society and economy (Sarcina, Consoli, Tomassini Cavicchiolo, 2011). Sustainability study is done to know the ability of the company for fulfilling their present needs by considering their future needs also. Sustainability model is useful in LOreal to determine the target and forecast the future target regarding sales, profit and etc. Analysis The sustainability by LOreal is explained as the ability of company for achieving their present needs by considering their future needs also. The sustainability requirement by LOreal can only be fulfilled with help of good leader. Leaders help their sub ordinates to work better for achieving their goals and objectives (, 2015). Companys goals can only be achieved when every employee perform well and work in a group or team for a common goal. There are various groups present in LOreal who work for common goal but the decided target can only be achieved by group when leaders motivate them for working (, 2015). To define sustainability growth LOreal uses different model which describes their growth in relation to economy, society and environment in which they are working. Conclusion This reflective report is done on LOreal. LOreal is one of the best known worldwide brand for their beauty products (Sanford, 2011). The report is also having analysis of sustainability of LOreal and sustainability model used by the company in relation to economy, environment and society. The factors which affect the sustainability of the company are also discussed here. LOreal mission in relation to their sustainability is explained. There is a brief discussion on history of the company and there different brands which are present in worldwide market. References,. (2015). Behance. Retrieved 26 February 2015, from Charlier, E., Dejean, K., Donnay, J. (2001). To Accompany a School Project: A reflective analysis. Reflective Practice, 2(3), 331-344. doi:10.1080/14623940127339 Costello, P. (2011). Effective action research. London: Continuum. Edwards, A. (2005). The sustainability revolution. Gabriola, BC: New Society Publishers. Egbeleke, A. (2014). Strategic Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Performance Management Model. Journal Of Management And Sustainability, 4(2). doi:10.5539/jms.v4n2p92 Flouris, T., Kucuk Yilmaz, A. (2011). Risk management and corporate sustainability in aviation. Burlington, Vt.: Ashgate. Fowler, K. (2014). Developing and Managing Embedded Systems and Products. Burlington: Elsevier Science. Hast, A. (2007). International directory of company histories. Chicago: St. James Press. Hayhow, J. (2011). Breaking Through the Barrier. Cork: BookBaby. Jacques, D., Kepos, P. (2010). International directory of company histories. Detroit, Mich.: St. James Press. Keitumetse, S. (2013). Cultural Resources as Sustainability Enablers: Towards a Community-Based Cultural Heritage Resources Management (COBACHREM) Model. Sustainability, 6(1), 70-85. doi:10.3390/su6010070 Klein, J. (2010). Creating interdisciplinary campus cultures. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass/Association of American Colleges and Universities.,. (2015). L'Oral India. Retrieved 26 February 2015, from,. (2015). L'Oral Finance : Annual Report 2013. Retrieved 26 February 2015, from Sanford, C. (2011). The responsible business. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass. Sarcina, R., Consoli, F., Tomassini, M., Cavicchiolo, E. (2011). The Reflect OR project: background to the special issue. Reflective Practice, 12(2), 151-158. doi:10.1080/14623943.2011.561527 Willard, B. (2009). The sustainability champion's guidebook. Gabriola Island, BC: New Society Publishers. Yigitcanlar, T., Dur, F. (2010). Developing a Sustainability Assessment Model: The Sustainable Infrastructure, Land-Use, Environment and Transport Model. Sustainability, 2(1), 321-340. doi:10.3390/su2010321 Yigitcanlar, T., Dur, F. (2010). Developing a Sustainability Assessment Model: The Sustainable Infrastructure, Land-Use, Environment and Transport Model. Sustainability, 2(1), 321-340. doi:10.3390/su2010321

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A Career in Computer Programming essays

A Career in Computer Programming essays My career of choice will be a Computer Programmer because I like computers, and I am logical. I will be working hard toward my goal and achieve my degree in that field. I worked with PowerPoint, Office 2000, and Excel, which are all Microsoft Products. I have done Structured Programming. Hopefully, within a year and a half, I will receive my Associates in Science and work. I intend to become financially independent. Eventually, with night classes, I will further my education with a Bachelors of Science, of the same field, of course. I feel that this is my fate. The responsibilities of a computer programmer are fixing computer errors so that the computer can run smoothly. Computer programmers do duties under such companies like Motorola, Pratt Whitney, IBM, Apple, businesses that depend on computers, governments, Palm Beach County services and other counties, Federal jobs, City positions of West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Miami, Tampa, Orlando, New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, Toronto, London, Bombay, Silicon Valley, Paris, and many, many more positions. One of the ways of fixing errors is decoding programming languages that are composed in the problem program and fix them so that it can be running. A computer runs on programming "languages" by electrical impulses through a series of 1s and 0s switches. The languages interpret the impulses through logical typewritten statements, to the programs so that they could run on user-friendly mode. Microsoft Office is a program; Solitaire is a program, Real Player (music player) is also a prog ram. Sometimes programs go wrong because a switch might have been off course, causing the programming language to make errors or "bugs." That is where the programmer will fix that language. There are many programming languages such as HTML, Logo, Basic, QuickBasic, QBasic, Visual Basic Scripting, JAVA, JavaScript, C, C++, A+, Inet, Cisqo, Pascal, Linux, Xhtml, dynamic html, oracle, pearl, flash, ph...

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How an academic journal can expand your knowledge on critical thinking The WritePass Journal

How an academic journal can expand your knowledge on critical thinking Introduction How an academic journal can expand your knowledge on critical thinking IntroductionWEEK TWOWEEK THREE.WEEK FOURWEEK SIX.WEEK SEVENWEEK EIGHTWEEK TENWEEK ELEVENWEEK TWELVEREFERENCESRelated Introduction Jennifer Moon (1999, p. 2) described a journal to be a vehicle for reflection as this process can represent deeply seated orientations of our lives. The aim is to expand my knowledge on critical thinking also to develop and critically analyze various research skills supporting my studies through  out the course of my degree. The journal will show a record of my personal reflections on each topic. In this journal I will be identifying concepts I find challenging, discovering new, exciting topics and will practical them using other modules. This is a compulsory module set by the university, which I believe is essential in my degree and career onwards in life because journals favors learning through the encouragement of conditions for learning, critical thinking is a skill that anyone would benefit from developing and using. I can certainly learn how to think critically and improve my problem solving skills with little extra effort. Keeping an academic journal will be quite interesting for a change as I do keep a personal diary; I am looking forward to acquiring new knowledge as a  developing critical thinker by the end of this module. WEEK ONE The tutor explained who a critical thinker and the core questions that a critical  thinker needs to ask. There are a vast range of areas a critical thinker has to cover in order to become a problem solver. It could either be more focused reading, knowledge on how to get your points across easily (Cottrell, 2005) According to Cottrell (2005, p.1)‘’critical thinking is a cognitive activity, associated with using the mind’’. Critical thinkers should have characteristics such as good observers, good communication skills, and good judgment just to mention a few. I found the first class to be very interesting  because  I realized  that I am a natural critical thinker in anything I do, I  exhibit most of the characteristics most times for example when asked about a topic I know nothing about, I try to answer using the surrounding facts to the topic. We also looked at different sources of information. I picked particular interest in articles. I currently sourced for an article by Arons, Arnold B. Critical Thinking and the Baccalaureate Curriculum.   That I will be using to understand this module better. At the end of this week I learned  how to use critical thinking in relation to my academics. For instance if I was given an essay to write on, I would  know how to critically structure  my answers in relation to the question asked for example critically discuss the fallacies of descriptive writing. Citing as an example. WEEK TWO We continued this week on the sources of information. During the lecture the tutor differentiated the various sources of information, which include Newspapers, books, Journals, and Monographs. Newspapers and Books are one of the oldest forms of  information. Newspapers are the most common source of information, which are broken down into three kinds, which are Tabloids, Middle market Tabloids and Broad sheets. Before now I was not familiar with the different types of newspaper I found the topic a bit confusing at first, but I had noticed the difference between the Independent (broadsheet) and The Mirror (Tabloids). The Tabloids includes papers like- The sun, The mirror- they are easy to read, simple grammar, they are also cheap. Or free in some cases. The middle tabloids are a little more detailed but still convey the news in a simple way; an example is Daily Mail. Broad sheets have a wider perspective and are more statistical; the use of English is more advanced. The observer, the guardian are some examples. As an international student I put the knowledge to practice by categorizing my country’s newspaper into their various groups. I also looked at how various countries portray their news to the public, as this is one of the most accessible forms of media; For example  BBC news focuses on news in the uk (this being a British channel) and breaking news in other countries where as World News covers news around the world. In this week I learnt the importance of information via the newspaper. I liked the fact the tutor involved the class during the discussion. It was interactive. I found this topic very interesting and relevant to my course of study because Information is very important and using the right sources is very essential. It makes you aware of what is happening around you and also expands my views on different areas. WEEK THREE. In week three the topic discussed was ‘The sources of materials’. Every good source of information must have authentic evidence, validity, facts and opinions. According to Cottrell primary sources are the raw material for the subject, such as data and documents while secondary sources are materials such as books and articled based on, or written about. (Cottrell, 2005  p126,) Primary sources include those materials that have investigated and have evidence of time, place. Some examples are: photographs, newspapers, books, autobiographies just to mention a few. Secondary sources are written materials that usually have fact. These include: biographies, interviews with people that were present at the occurrence of the event. I identified the types of sources  but my area of concern where I found confusing was the grey area. -Grey areas are those types of sources that include primary and secondary sources. I think identifying the difference might be a bit confusing for me because for example in the case of a robbery, a news reporter may interview eyewitnesses but not the actual victim, the story could be changed when exchanged by word of mouth from one to another therefore altering the original story. Primary sources may be difficult sometimes if you do not have the facts to back it up. For example a TV interview which may be not available if it was not saved or recorded. Its authenticity could become unclear due to lack of evidence. Primary and secondary sources are necessary to achieve wider knowledge. The sources of information lay the foundation for writing .I will continuously build on my knowledge on collection of useful forms of materials. I have begun improving my writing skills to back-up my arguments. I will use a primary source to in my forth-coming essay in this module. WEEK FOUR Donald Campbell said All research ultimately has †¨a qualitative grounding’’. For qualitative research theres no such thing as qualitative data. †¨Everything is either 1 or 0†¨ according to Fred Kerlinger. Qualitative involves uses data like words (interviews, questionnaires) and quantitative research involves actual numbers. The tutor highlighted the various features and characteristics of both methods. The different methods are used in different a case for example Census counting, which is quantitative, and promoting a new product, which is qualitative. Quantitative as the word implies involves a lot of numbers tables, graphs are some of the methods used. This method is quite easy for me to use. Some features of quantitative research include; prediction, explanation, measurement and it claims objectivity. In qualitative; data is in form of words, objects and pictures, it is time consuming to create design as the study unfolds. For qualitative research, this source is more informal, opinions and emotions are is not as strict and straightforward as the quantitative method. At the end of this topic I have a clearer understanding to the strengths and weakness of each method. According to Miles Huberman (1994, p.40). The strengths and weaknesses of qualitative and quantitative research are a perennial, hot debate, especially in the social sciences.  This phrase simply states the long existence of the research methods, not withstanding the differences between both of them; they are still widely used as research approaches. I have gained a deeper insight of the two types of methodologies. If I am told to do a research with either method I believe I will utilize both methods if asked. For me I think the qualitative approach is what I will prefer because it allows for beliefs and emotions to be expressed. I like to express opinions and myself where possible. I used the qualitative method in my information age module using a questionnaire on the importance of the Internet.   I did a little reading on a book called Introduction to social research by Punch, Keith F.I noticed that the qualitative approach is mostly used in the social sciences and quantitative approach is more science based, but either way if am told to do a research with any method I will be able to do it and achieve the purpose of the research. WEEK SIX. Week six was about Electronic Resources the session was presented by Maria Introwicz in the J.B library. She outlined the different types of information, such as books, journal articles and websites, and also how we can use library tools to find this information. She also outlined the various sources of finding information; website, e-books, Google scholar, journal books. The preferred referencing style in most United Kingdom universities is the Harvard system, which I have a little problem with. I asked her detailed questions to the areas I was facing problems with for example citing Newspapers. The session was helpful because I learnt how to use the Harvard system better .I had issues with referencing in my previous course now I am correcting my errors and still learning different ways to improve my referencing in my academics and here after. I personally do not utilize journals, E-books because I was not aware of how to use them. But now I do I will use more it, it shows different sources of information other than the regular books and websites. I think when this is used it shows more in-depth to the level of research that has been put into one’s research. http:// is a website that has books and journals which I use to source for information. WEEK SEVEN In this week the area of focus was on journals. The oxford dictionary (2000) defined journals to be a newspaper or magazine that deals with a particular subject or professional activity. She outlined the various methods of sourcing for academic journals online, and from this university as well. We practiced searching for journals in our specific areas of study. I found it quiet difficult and confusing because finding the exact journal could be time-consuming. I will have to learn how to use this more no matter the shows a more comprehensive and extensive research if used in the case of academic work. This session has helped me improve my confidence in finding and making references. I found a journal using my Athens log-in called. WEEK EIGHT Argument and Analysis and Analytical Essay were the topic of the week the topic entailed the types of reasoning for writing essays, the structures and fallacies of reasoning. In writing essays, My arguments always needs to be properly explained to show my reflections and reasons to validate my work, particularly in academic writing. What I summarized off this week’s lecture is the conclusion is the total summary of a whole essay. Conclusions are meant to draw clear pictures and always keep the readers mind and should never loose sight of the topic (Cottrell, 2005). It should always be logical and fact based. Including more evidence is a very wrong thing to do. I have learnt to correct my mistakes in this area. Relating to my other modules I have not put this to practice yet. WEEK TEN The use of language and how it conveys it’s meaning has an impact on the choice of words. Over the years just as the world as evolved the use of English has also done the same. In various disciplines there are specific terminologies used. For example in academics students in some cases used to be referred to as learners or customers but that has changed. Language is meant to convey meaning but express not only communication but also affects the way we deal with issues. WEEK ELEVEN The topic of the week was about written, verbal and visual communication. Communication is an unending process with people, customers, companies, news and others. The way the information is conveyed is as important as the information itself. We as human have different levels of understanding so the way we interpret Visual communication will vary as well. In written communication a considerable part of the skill comes from both the reader’s and writer ‘s ability to imagine the other point of view, verbal communication requires patience and imagination as well (martin 1987 p12). WEEK TWELVE At the end of this module I can say that I have identified myself as a critical thinker because I have improved my attention and observation skills, improved my skills of analysis and applying them to different situations. I have learnt to ask the core questions of a critical thinker, source for right materials, analysis my conclusions in conclusion I have learnt how to apply my critical knowledge to my other modules. Keeping this journal though was time consuming   but it created a deeper level of reflection for me not just for my academics but in my reasoning as well. REFERENCES Cottrell, S. (2005) critical thinking skills: developing effective analysis and arguments. Fred Kerlinger Jennifer Moon (1999) Learning Journals: A handbook for academics, students and professional development Oxford dictionary Martin, Bygate.(1987) : language teaching . A scheme for teacher education. Great Clarendon street, oxford. Miles Huberman

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Employment relations Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Employment relations - Essay Example Employment relation is used to exist when an individual performs services or works under several conditions in return for salary or wage. It also can be defined as the obligations and rights created between employees and employers. Employment relations have three important faces, such as problem solving, science building and ethical. In the science building phase, employment relation assumes that labour markets are not perfectly competitive. In addition to this, employment relation scholarship also assumes that there are some conflicts of interests used to exist between employees and employers due some particular aspects, such as higher profits versus higher wages. The concept and root of employment relation emerged during industrial revolution. It has created modern employment relationship by generating large-scale industrial organizations and free labour markets. It is true that global societies wrestled with several massive economic, social and political issues. Now-a-days, the as pect of good employment relation has become necessary for each and every large and small organization as it is highly important to retail skilled and effective employees in this competitive global market place. The essay will critically analyze and evaluate the importance of employment relations to the successful organizations. It is true that several leading organizations in this world are trying to enhance effective relationship between the employers and employees in order to maintain their existing position in market pace. It is true that employment relations can be considered as a valuable part of industrial relations. Employment relations have its roots in the industrial relation. The concept of employment relation was emerged due to several industrial issues, such as long working hours, low wage rate of labours, abusive supervisory practice, and dangerous and monotonous work. High employee